Interview de Gary SHAPIRO – Consumer Technology Association’s President and CEO

How do you think technology and more precisely connected objects could disrupt the world?

Consumer technology – powered by anytime/anywhere connectivity – holds the promise of a better world. Self-driving technology means safer roads, fewer car accidents and increased mobility for seniors and people with disabilities. Drones aid in disaster relief and deliver medical supplies to areas without roads. Connected wellness devices keep us in closer touch with our doctors – and our loved ones – whether you live across town or across the country. In one way or another, large or small, all of us have been impacted by these technologies. The pace of innovation is lightning-fast. These technologies will touch all of us, improving the lives of everyone on the planet.

From your point of view, what could be the main topics of the incoming CES 2018. Do you think Artificial intelligence could be one of them?

CES ® turned 50 this year, but the show never gets old. Every year I’m excited to see the new, awe-inspiring technologies on display at CES. This year, we’re diving deep into smart cities. Sensors, 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence combine in amazing ways, reducing traffic congestion, improving infrastructure repair and conserving energy, for example. Cities are investing in selfdriving technology, wireless broadband and sensors. And the data collected by these sensors can optimize energy use, improve emergency services and improve quality of life. CTA predicts there will be at least 88 smart cities worldwide by 2025, and 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in these smart cities by 2050. Artificial intelligence will be one of the key ingredient technologies over the next decade that has the power to transform our lives for the better. AI is in our cars, homes and health and wellness devices. And our new artificial intelligence marketplace will feature the latest from this promising technology – expect to see much more than just digital assistants. Think cars, health and wellness devices, home security and smart home systems, robotics, agriculture and so much more. And we’ll see an increased focus on user value of AI at CES 2017.

What is your view about French innovations and its impacts worldwide?

France is a hotbed of innovation and a global advocate for entrepreneurialism and startups. Many government policies encouraged by President Macron support innovation and tech education with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math degrees. More than 4,900 French attendees came to CES 2017, establishing France among the top five countries represented at the show. And 249 French companies exhibited In Eureka Park, the flagship startup destination at CES, helping make France the second largest exhibiting country, following the U.S.